Blockchain: Beyond Bitcoin (90 Minute Primer Workshop)

Ninety-minute interactive presentation designed specifically for your business, along with relevant case studies beyond cryptocurrency. This is a useful first step in getting teams on board and establishing a creative mindset for blockchain applications.

Design Sprint

Full day design thinking workshop that sets a framework for you and your team to identify the problems blockchain will solve, and come up with concrete, workable solutions. The workshop concludes with a presentation of prototypes and feedback from technologists who can support implementation.



Landscape Assessment

Through the landscape analysis, we create a map of how your business ecosystem operates, showing where there is space for blockchain innovation. This helps everyone understand the context, competitors, partners, and network assets to determine where the opportunities lie for applying blockchain and distributed ledger technology.


We show you how blockchain can help you understand, map, and share your impact. Efficiency, human equity, material use, accountability and transparency.


 + Thought Partnership


Story is at the core of all creation and communication. Blockchain offers a great opportunity to create a new story for your company going forward. We explore how that story might unfold, leading your team through exercises and meeting practical goals that will result in your new blockchain story.

Ongoing Consultation

We map your company’s blockchain potential; devise a strategy for going forward; introduce you to the best blockchain developers and oversee all the work, as needed.