We demystify blockchain to reveal its true potential.


We take a novel approach to blockchain technology, putting your vision and creativity first. By making space for unconstrained thinking, we encourage you to discover your true blockchain potential, without getting lost in the tech.

The mechanics of blockchain can be hard to understand, but the possibilities inherent in blockchain’s decentralized structure are at your fingertips. We help leaders, visionaries and doers embrace the space where supply chain, identity, cryptocurrency, copyright and smart contracts collide with storytelling, co-creation, and trust. Many industries, from electrical utilities with complex inputs, to fashion houses with long supply chains, and innovators who want a new way of building products using customer and supplier input, will benefit from customized applications on blockchain.  At Unchained, we help you discover the uses that will best benefit your niche.

Your needs in the distributed future

Blockchain is on the rise, and the business landscape is shifting. Central to this shift is the concept of distributed networks, where power is shared by many, and transparency is the rule. This is where smart contracts enable complex payments, and decentralized autonomous organizations will thrive. This shift is expected to threaten the foundations of some of our most traditional institutions, including Wall Street, media companies, and retailers. Meanwhile, these new blockchain networks promise to improve business performance by increasing the creative input of suppliers and consumers.

We believe these shifts can lead to greater sustainability and prosperity. With new forms of trust, based on distributed networks, suppliers at all stages of the supply chain, and customers, become co-creators, with instant access to transparent information. These stronger inputs are good news for companies that are prepared to innovate.

However, sometimes it’s tough to figure out where your company fits into the equation, and even tougher to tell that story in a clear, compelling manner.

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